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About SHe CISO Exec.

The SHe CISO Exec.  initiative envisions the empowerment of a new generation of talent in the information security arena. It is acknowledged that a gender diversity-focused business will see better productivity, innovation, decision making and create better leaders.

The initiative focuses on bridging the skill and diversity gap in the cybersecurity industry to create better emotionally intelligent leaders.


  • Empowerment: Create a talent pool of emotionally intelligent cybersecurity community.

  • Mentoring & Networking: Foster a community for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, mentorship and networking.

  • Leadership: Empower and encourage thought leaders in the information security industry


Message from the Founder

My name is Chani Simms. I’m the Managing Director for Meta Defence Labs UK and Sri Lanka, a boutique Information Security and IT infrastructure service provider. I am a C-level adviser for information security, Data Protection and IT Infrastructure. 

With over 17 years of service in information technology. I have always had some concerns about diversity in the workplace as I was often the the only woman engineer in my team. After experiencing workplace bullying and seeing others going through similar problems, it lead me to decide; Enough! is Enough! and that I had to do something about it. This is how SHe CISO Exec. was born.

I have designed this programme to cover everything you need to know about information security while finding the leader in you and hopefully empowering you to inspire and help each other. I want this to be my give back to the community, where anyone can join and make a positive contribution. 

I have many passions in life, this is one of many that make me a passionate workaholic. :)


If you would like to get in contact with me, I can be reached on: LinkedIn


Chani Simms BSc(Hons), FBCS, CHFI, CIS LA, CIS LI

Infrastructure, Security & GDPR Consultant 

Managing Director & Co-Founder Meta Defence Labs UK & Sri Lanka

About Chani

Originally from Sri Lanka, Chani has been in the IT industry for over 17 years and co-founded Meta Defence Labs UK in 2015 along with her partner Clive Simms. Since then, the company has achieved tremendous milestones assisting global clients to improve their cybersecurity posture. 


Chani’s roots led her to expand Meta Defence Labs to Sri Lanka in 2017, offering their expertise and skills to South Asian communities. She is a passionate entrepreneur, data protection and information security professional and a C-level advisor to organisations to assist in the implementation and management of information security and data protection programmes.


In 2018, SHe CISO Exec. was founded as a giveback project to the community. Chani’s passion for the field of cybersecurity combined with her desire to support and empower women were key attributes in the design of the SHe CISO Exec. programme. 


A pilot was launched in Colombo in 2018. This took the form of a 5-day boot camp led by Chani and a  team of global professionals to deliver programme content. The pilot focussed on awarding scholarships of up to 100% to individuals new and deserving of a career in the cybersecurity industry.  Chani motivated the team every step of the programme and displayed true leadership skills whilst contributing her knowledge, experience and skills.



2019 Winner - (ISC)2 Information Security Leadership Awards: 'Woman Information Security Professional' EMEA

Ranked No. 1  in Security ‘One to watch’ category of the IFSEC Global influencers in security and fire 2019

Shortlisted for final 50 "Trusted Leaders For Cybersecurity 2018 - UK" award

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