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“Cybersecurity Industry is growing with prominent gaps. As professionals in this industry, it is our responsibility to help bridge these gaps by creating a community that shares knowledge, supports and empowers each other.” 

– Chani Simms, Founder SHe CISO Exec. 


Mind the Gaps

“Your security is only as strong as your weakest link!” and time and time again, it seems the weakest link in the security chain are people. If we don’t create a security-conscious culture that values people over processes over technology, your investment in technology could be rendered ineffectual.

Skills Gap

"Technical skills and qualifications alone are not enough to create better leaders in this community, if you don't have the confidence and soft skills required to progress in your career"

Confidence Gap

"We have a huge skills gap and to make things worse, below you will notice we also have a massive gender gap where the female representation in the InfoSec industry is disgustingly low."

Gender Gap
About Us

Industry Statistics

Organisations At Risk

63% of respondents report that their organizations have a shortage of dedicated cybersecurity staff.

59% say their organization is at extreme or moderate risk due to cybersecurity staff shortage.

Skills Gap


According to (ISC)2 research, the
shortage of cybersecurity professionals is just over 4 million globally. Asia-Pacific is facing the largest talent shortfall with a gap of 2.6 million



Women represent overall cybersecurity work-force


Of the cybersecurity, work-force represent GenX and babyboomers


Organisations have diversity

The Cybersecurity Workforce

Gap by Region

Leadership & Confidence Gap


Lack of skilled/experienced cybersecurity personnel


Lack of resources to do my job effectively


Inadequate budget for key security initiatives


Lack of time to do my job effectively

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