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What is SHe CISO Exec.™ ?

SHe CISO Exec.™ has an high emphasis to redefine women in technology but is not limited to only women men are always welcome :)

Thereby we aim to bridge the skills gap by encouraging more females to choose an information security career. This program provides delegates with knowledge of all the different security domains, industry best practices along with ethical leadership skills and self-development skills to bring out that inner strength, originality and confidence to enable participants to reach their fullest potential; Create an army of information security leaders that CISO’s in the industry need, to fight the ever-increasing cyber crime epidemic. This is not something we can do alone but it's a start... and we are calling out for your help and support to make a difference to the community. 


“Security is not just the IT guys’ responsibility anymore, it is everyone’s responsibility! We are in an era where technology is advancing so fast that we battle to keep up with that technology and a constantly changing threat landscape. To add to this situation, we don’t have enough people with the right skills in the industry and we don’t have time for people to spend 3 years at universities to be graduated into degrees that are already outdated by the time they complete them.

According to an ISC2 study in 2018 the skill gap in the cybersecurity industry is almost 3 million globally and around 2.5 million for Asia Pacific. So, we clearly need more cybersecurity savvy leaders and we need them now!


This is just one part of the problem and there are massive diversity gaps, confidence and attitude gaps that can make this industry less attractive to newcomers.

As professionals in this industry, it is our responsibility to help bridge these gaps by creating a community that shares knowledge, supports and empowers each other to help create a talent pool of information security leaders we need. You always hear that humans are the weakest link in the security chain, but with the right training and support, we can empower the people to be the strongest link. Thereby making it much more difficult for cyber criminals to succeed. It should always be, People over Process over Technology!”  - Chani Simms, the founder of SHe CISO Exec. and the managing director of Meta Defence Labs UK and Sri Lanka. 


We have too many challenges within this industry


  • We have a people and technology gap

  • We have a skills gap

  • We have a gender gap

  • We have an attitude gap

  • We have a hiring gap

  • We are lacking emotionally intelligent leaders


SHE CISO Exec™. will be the ultimate bridging course to help overcome the challenges of attracting and retaining more women talent in the industry. 

Topics covered in the five day boot camp are;


  1. Introduction to Information Security and Risk Management

  2. Cyber Threats and Attacks

  3. Social Engineering

  4. Personal Data Protection and Regulations

  5. How to be Digitally Safe

  6. Information Security Policies, Governance and Leadership

  7. Information Security Frameworks and Best Practices

  8. Cryptography and Encryption

  9. Networking & Network Security

  10. Security in Human Resources

  11. Asset Management

  12. Access Control

  13. Physical and Environmental Security

  14. System Acquisition, Development and Maintenance

  15. Laws, Ethics and codes of conduct

  16. Security Operations

  17. Incident Management

  18. Business continuity and Disaster recovery management

  19. Hacking

  20. Cloud Computing

Leadership & Personal Development

  1. Emotional Intelligence

  2. Design Thinking

  3. Information Security Career Paths

  4. Personal Branding & Positive Attitude

  5. Assertiveness & Communication Skills

  6. Building Confidence

  7. Personal Development Action Plan

  8. Exploring Leadership Qualities

  9. Identify your Leadership Style

  10. Seeking a Mentor

  11. How to Network

  12. Business Etiquette and Communication

  13. CV Writing and Interview Skills

Infrastructure, Security & GDPR Consultant Managing Director & Co-Founder
Meta Defence Labs UK & Sri Lanka

Founder Chani Simms

My name is Chani Simms. I’m the Managing Director for Meta Defence Labs UK and Sri Lanka, a boutique Information Security and IT infrastructure service provider. I work as a C-level adviser for information security, Data Protection and IT Infrastructure. With over 17 years of service in information technology. I have always had some concerns in the workplace with me often being the only woman engineer in my team over the years. After experiencing work place bullying and seeing others going through similar problems, it lead me to decide; Enough! is Enough! and that I had to do something about it. This is how SHe CISO Exec. was born. I have designed this program to cover everything you need to know about information security while finding the leader in you and hopefully empowering you to inspire and help each other. I want this to be my give back to the community, where anyone can join and make a positive contribution. 

I have many passions in life, this is one of many that make me a passionate workaholic. :)

If you would like to get in contact with me, I can be reached on:


SHe CISO Exec., Meta Defence Labs, 30th Floor, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London E14 5NR, UK

+44 (0)203 222 4060 United Kingdom || +94 (0)76 747 7799 Sri Lanka

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